Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time Management

I woke up this morning with this great plan to deactivate my Facebook account and cut off the cable. I just got back from vacation with a good friend who is a doctor with four kids. Her life partner travels pretty much constantly for work and so she's a single mom to those four kids 72% of the time. All of the kids make straight A's and play travel soccer. When she's not at the hospital busy saving lives, she is flying out of town two or three nights a month to give talks for drug companies (for $3,000 a pop). She also has some sort of research grant and a research assistant that as far as I can tell, has little (or nothing) to do with her regular doctor job at the hospital. This is a whole other life-saving endeavor in and of itself. When it is one of her four kids' birthdays, she bakes the birthday cake. She sews her own curtains (and they look great). Needless to say, this bitch doesn't have Facebook and never watches television. She is well-traveled, always jetting off for a long weekend in St. Maarten or Zurich or West Virginia. She also looks great in a bikini, which begs the question, why exactly did I pick her to go on vacation with?

I have another friend who is very, very high up in the military, like one of the highest-ranking military officials in the country (world?). Despite living about ten states away, he is in Washington, D.C. two or three times every week. It is nothing to get a text from him one day from Kuwait and then the next day from Korea. When he tells me his weekly schedule, I get tired just from listening to it. And he never forgets my birthday. You guessed it, he doesn't have a Facebook account and wouldn't know who Snooki was if she slapped him in the face.

Of course I'm sure neither of them have blogs either.