Tuesday, July 19, 2011


When you are a witty Alpha you get invited to a lot of parties. But you are basically unpaid help, there to entertain everyone, to be charming, tell good stories and make everyone laugh. Eventually the free alcohol isn't worth the burden of knowing that everyone's good time is dependent on your good time. Especially when you calculate how much money you spend to bitch to your therapist about said burden.

And how narcissistic are you when the other thing you pay to bitch about is being smarter than everyone you deal with on a daily basis?

Some people might worry that after a hundred or so hours of listening to such bitching, that the listener is bored to tears and barely listening at all. But a true narcissist doesn't worry about such things, and is instead convinced that their therapist wants to fuck them.


Blogger DJ MotorCityMonk

I feel yer pain...how the hell are ya?

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